1. Will you charge me a fee?

    No. Job seekers are never charged for our services.


  2. What is the first step a job seeker needs to take?

    To get started, fill out an Arrowpoint application.


  3. Why should I create an Arrowpoint account?

    Setting up a Personal Arrowpoint account gives you an interactive tool to help you progress your career:

    • Allows you to fill out our online application
    • Allows you to Update employment availability status
    • Enter and submit timesheets for electronic manager approval

    Create your Arrowpoint account


  4. What should I do after I submit my online application?

    If you don't hear from us within 48 hours of submitting your online application, please contact the local office to schedule an interview with an Arrowpoint representative to review your resume/ skills and career path. Arrowpoint will then match your skills and qualifications with our clients' needs for effective job placement.


  5. How do I get paid?

    Timesheets should be turned in weekly, on Friday or Monday. The workweek is the 7-day period beginning each Monday at 12:01 am and ending Sunday at midnight. Associates are paid on a weekly basis, typically the first Friday following the end of the preceding workweek.


  6. Can I call someone to direct me to the nearest Arrowpoint office location?

    The Office Locator can be found here.


  7. What is the job placement process?

    If your skills, qualifications and interests fit those of our clients, we will invite you to go through an enhanced screening process. This will include a skills assessment, potential drug screen/background check and a thorough interview where we will discuss your capabilities, your career objectives and your ideal work environment-details that will help us place you in the right position.

    Depending on client needs, we may have an assignment for you right away, or it make take some time. Once you have your assignment, we will make sure you are properly prepared by providing you with contact information, directions, an overview of the assignment and your responsibilities and the appropriate orientation and training.

    In the case of direct hire, we will arrange client interviews as well negotiate salary and benefits on your behalf.


  8. How long do the assignments last?

    The length of the assignment varies according to our customer's needs. Some are short-term; some are long-term. We work to get you the Hours and length of assignments you request. However the assignments are subject to our customer's needs.


  9. How often can I work?

    We make every effort to keep our associates as busy as they'd like to be, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a certain amount of hours. Placement is always dependent on whether your skills, experience and aptitude are a good fit for the client and, of course, if you are available and willing to work.


  10. What do I do when the assignment ends?

    Contact your Arrowpoint representative and update your availability status in your Personal Arrowpoint account.


  11. After I set up a personal Arrowpoint account, will someone stay in touch with me?

    Arrowpoint has established a system that informs us of who is available for assignment each week. Through your personal Arrowpoint account online you can Update employment availability status and update employment history/ resume information, by keeping your information and availability updated Arrowpoint can effectively connect you to right job opportunities.


  12. Should I apply if I don't see any jobs on the job board that fit my career path?

    Yes! The job board is always changing and job opportunities are going to be different week to week. Many times jobs are assigned quickly because Arrowpoint looks to the applications that already exist in the online database form those who have taken the time to set up an account and interviewed with a Arrowpoint representative. So please Apply Today.


  13. What type of benefits do you offer?

    Benefit packages vary based on position, location, duration and other factors. Medical, dental, vision, life insurance and paid holidays / vacation days may be available. Specifics of benefits package are based on the assignment and hours worked. Visit your local Arrowpoint office for more information.


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