Recruiting & Selection

Arrowpoint recognizes the need for an in depth assessment program that will screen and properly assess candidates in-order to match the right person with the right job the first time and all the time.

13 Step Arrowpoint Assessment Program

1. Consistently do all 13 steps

We understand that without consist discipline of administering a systematic in-depth screening process you will not experience the Arrowpoint Difference. Staffing companies are defined by how well they screen, qualify and match candidates.

2. Your Company Assessment

The more we know the better we do. We will work with you to understand your company environment, culture, values and the job descriptions for all positions we will assist you with.

3. Ongoing Recruitment

Representing great people starts with finding great people. To generate the great people our clients demand, a strong recruiting campaign is necessary. To accomplish this we are always recruiting to keep a constant flow of candidates interviewing for the type of positions you are looking for this prepares us to quickly respond to any of your human resources needs. We are not only consistently looking for great talent but we know where to look, Arrowpoints has found that referrals are one of the best sources of recruitment.

4. Trained Staff

We keep our staff up to date on the best recruiting and interviewing techniques.

5. Telephone Screening

Our telephone screening qualifies the candidate so we spend our time interviewing candidates that meet your job requirements.

6. Personal Interview

Our staff personally conducts detailed interviews with every applicant. This ensures we present only candidate's that have a full understanding of the position.

7. Skills Testing and Evaluation Options

We will work closely to determine what array of testing will be best in evaluating and determining the best candidates for any position. With our variety of test to pull from we will choose the most effective test for each job. Ask us about are benchmark testing system.

8. Arrowpoint Handbook Orientation

We will conduct an orientation that reviews our own internal policies and procedures. Discuss position expectations, attendance requirements, call-in procedures, safety awareness, payroll procedures and any other pertinent information.

9. Reference Verification

Our staff goal is to thoroughly reference every candidate, obtaining detailed work references from their last two jobs as well as personal references.

10. Work History

We verify employment, salary history, reasons for leaving previous position, job title, responsibilities, duties, evaluations and specific accomplishments.

11. Background and Criminal Sourcing

If requested, we will check the candidate's background and criminal history as well as their driving record (MVR).

12. Drug Test

If requested, we will conduct a drug test with a 5-minute turnaround time.

13. Client Customized Orientation

Now that we've decided they are the best candidate we will work closely with you to create an orientation that provides the associate with all of your companies policies and procedures and, if requested, and initial walk through of your site.

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